Street Swagger – review

Not how I walk….this is a 2012 colour from the Jessica Geleration range!  It’s a dark, dramatic shade, almost black but with hues of purple, burgundy and brown, much like the colour of a blackberry.  I would have called it blackberry but I suppose Street Swagger is a foxier name.  I kept referring to it a Street Walker…oops, don’t go there!

Street Swagger *

Street Swagger *

I love the colour but it was a nightmare to apply.  The gel:

  • was very streaky on the first coat
First coat

First coat

  • shrinks away from the nail tip and edges during application
  • needs three coats for complete coverage
  • bubbles on any coat if I apply the gel in the depth I normally use.

OK, I’m not a trained nail ‘technician’ (how much training to they get, anyway, a couple of hours??) but I’ve done my own nails dozens with of times with Geleration and never experienced ANY of these issues.

I emailed Jessica Cosmetics for advice – no response.

* Photographed while drinking cava sangria in Barcelona – aren’t you envious?


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