Festive nails

I’m always happy to do friends’ nails and Becky is a regular.  She likes dramatic shades and for Christmas chose Street Swagger (Jessica Geleration) topped off with a glitter coat of Silver Sand (Gelish – see ‘Something new’ post).  She has short, short nails which I think look fantastic with a bold colour.  Deliberately brushed on thinly, Street Swagger behaved better than when I used it on myself for the first time but it did need three coats to get opacity.  With a glitter coat – dabbed on to get the glitter to stay – plus base and topcoat – I reckon her six-layer manicure will last well into 2013!

I did my own nails in Street Swagger as well and, forewarned by my initial experience, managed the gel better.  Like with Becky, it needed three thin coats to reduce the chance of blistering.  A couple of nails were affected but another coat covered the imperfections.  I’m pleased to have more confidence with this shade as it’s a fabulous colour which goes with everything without being overly goth.

Street Swagger


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