L’Oreal Double Extension waterproof mascara – review

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My usual eyelash cosmetics have been Jane Iredale Conditioner/Lengthener topped with with Lancome Definicils waterproof black mascara.  However, I can’t buy the mascara easily in the UK –  despite the non-waterproof version being readily available – so I have been trying alternatives.  None of them matched up to my stringent requirement – long-lasting, non splatter, non smudge, non clump, non flake, waterproof, tearproof – until I tried L’Oreal Double Extension waterproof mascara which sells for around £11.50 ($15).  I bought it having read reviews on this great website:  

http://www.totalbeauty.com/content/gallery/p_best_waterproof_mascaras    (Ironically, their No 1 performer is Lancome Definicils waterproof!)

L’Oreal Double Extension comes in a – surprise, surprise – double-ended tube with a milky extender in one end and mascara in the other.  Both have a typical 6gr load of cosmetic, so the tube is longer and heavier than a single product.  There aren’t any instructions but having used an extender before, I wait a couple of minutes before stroking on the colour.  It dries very quickly, doesn’t splatter during application and produces a flattering, natural finish without clumps or stiffness.  It comes off easily with an oily remover.  I’m impressed.

TIP:  Use baby oil to remove waterproof mascara.


One thought on “L’Oreal Double Extension waterproof mascara – review

  1. I’ve used the one that comes in the red/white tube, also called Double Extend. Must be the same formula just different packaging for different country. I liked that I could pull the tubes right off instead of using a makeup remover. They did make my lashes clumpy but most every mascara does (except the clear stuff). It did lengthen and didn’t smear at all, huge bonus. I usually end up with raccoon eyes.

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