In the absence of blue skies…

In the absence of blue skies I have opted for blue nails: Mystic Twilight to be exact, a Bluesky (£5.99) shade for spring 2013.  I fell in love with the blackness of Fedora and was reluctant to change – but it did look severe with the lighter clothes I’m trying to wear as our UK spring attempts to get into gear.  Mystic Twilight is a gorgeous light navy – cerulean – with a shimmer.  This will be hard to give up too!  Find all the Bluesky colours on ebay.

Mystic Twilight

The gel is thick and a single coat gives great opacity without any rippling during cure.  A second, plus top coat, gives rock hard nails.  It’s easy to apply – doesn’t run or shrink back from nail tips or edges.  This was a very quick gel application compared to some colours I’ve used.  I don’t match nail colour to outfits – you can’t really with a manicure which lasts a couple of weeks – but this complements jeans and looks good against pastels or dark clothes.  It positively zings in sunlight.

That’s my gorgeous dog, Truffle, in the background.  Read his thoughts on life, the universe and everything on his blog

Now enjoy a lady who knows how to sing the blues: