CND Vinylux – the new kid on the block

Vinylux Hot ChilisOn display in my favourite salon this week was a brand new nail product – CND’s Vinylux polish (colour plus top coat) which claims week long wear,  fast dry, no curing with a uv lamp and comes off with ordinary remover.   Well I had to try it!

From the dozen or so colours available (there are 62) I chose Hot Chilis, in the bottle a pearlescent pinky red.  Instructions say two thin colour coats and finish with the top coat.  Each bottle was £9.95, about the same price as a premium polish.

I found I needed three coats to get a decent depth of colour and I felt it was much lighter – and more coral-toned – than in the bottle.  I’m not keen on this shade – maybe I’d be happier with it on toenails.

If the colour coats dried much more quickly than regular polish, the top coat was on speed!  As a result, I found it difficult to get a smooth finish – but this was my first attempt.  It’s not instantly fully dry like uv gel and I smudged a couple of nails.  Next morning I took off the polish (which was fiddly because I didn’t want to damage the ‘good’ nails) and re-did them.  I still wasn’t totally happy with the finish but I’m sure my technique would improve with experience,  just like it did with soak off uv gel.  24 hours later the polish is still intact. 

Vinylux doesn’t dry to the rock hard finish of a uv gel, so doesn’t have the same level of protection for weak nails, nor does it have the uniformity or deep shine.  I’ll report back on durability.

If it lasts a week I’ll try more colours because my nails grow very quickly and I really need to re-do my manicure every 10 days to have perfect nails.  I hate the look of the regrowth but it’s the time taken to soak off which bugs me.


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