CND Vinylux Day 3 – verdict

More chips, including on nails redone yesterday, so I’ve taken it off.  It came off like regular polish but left a stain – a pink tinge – on my nails.  I’m going nude for a couple of days with Dr Lewinn’s nail strengthener.  Feel like Cabaret’s Sally Bowles as she prepares to meet her errant father (who, of course, didn’t turn up)!

P1050978I’d like to know the experience of others with this product because on mine, I’d say don’t waste your money.


Yikes, pale and…uninteresting!


4 thoughts on “CND Vinylux Day 3 – verdict

  1. Hi I’m on day 3 now, I don’t like Shellac as I get bored easily and so I polish but normally only get 1 day out of it as I’m hand heavy with work, gardening etc. Compared to my usual mani’s this is great! I got some teeny weeny chips at the end of my nails so next time I am going to make sure I really seal the tip of my nail and see how I go then. Havn’t removed yet so can’t say about the staining :0)

  2. My problems may have been because my nails are soft and peel so are weak at the tips. Gel gets over this. I’m going to try the Vinylux on my toenails, though I do get several weeks out of a proper polish of basecoat, 2 layers of colour and as top coat. Vinylux, however, will dry much quicker.

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