Making the most of your vintage hoard

When I added an ‘other stuff’ category to the blog I made a wry comment about how I ought to be selling my unused vintage perfume on ebay.

Well, I did it – and made a cool £45 ($70) plus postage.   It was a 1/4 bottle full of Christian Dior Diorling which I’d bought from the Dior boutique in Paris in the mid-90s as it was no longer sold in the UK.  It had been a favourite for many years but because it became difficult to find and was then discontinued, I switched to another scent.  I found full, unopened bottles for sale on ebay for hundreds of pounds!2013-05-12 14.15.45

This bottle I was kept in the box and then in a drawer so had aged well and I felt confident listing it.  The buyer was from Canada and, from her purchase history, looked to be a collector.  I described it fully, took some clear pictures and underlined that it was the original formula as Dior has, in fact, just started selling it again.

Classic scents such as this, especially when they have been discontinued, are valued by collectors and wearers alike.  The ingredients of many perfumes have been ‘updated’ through time so original formulas are particularly sought after.  Nothing brings back a memory like a particular perfume.  Even empty bottles or boxes can bring good prices!  If the bottle is a special edition – some were made by Lalique and other grand designers – it will bring a premium price.

I’ve read that even 60s scents such as Aqua Manda and the Mary Quant range (I remember using PM), although not classics, can bring a good return.

Tips for selling

* It must be a classic – none of your celeb scents. 

* Think Chanel, Dior, Van Cleef and Arpels, Nina Ricci, Patou and any long-gone manufacturer such as Schiaparelli.

* Raid your mum and granny’s cupboards!

* Search ebay to get a guide to prices.

* Give an accurate description of condition and quantity – eg don’t say perfume if it’s eau de toilette.

*  Include several, good quality photographs.

* Make your listing available internationally.

* Package your bottle well for mailing.


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