Here comes…Striplac

Although it sounds like something used to take ancient paint off old doors, Striplac is a new innovation in the uv gel nail world – a product which has a dual base/top coat, lasts around 10 days and PEELS off.  Well, that’s the theory.

I’m writing this 48 hours after my first application because I want to document the wearability and removal in real time.  So far I can say:

* it was easy to apply

* didn’t shrink from nail edges, didn’t drip

* each layer takes only 60 seconds to cure

* dual base/top coat is economical

* cleansing pads prepare nail and remove residue from top coat

* one pad will do all nails, before and after

* feels tough

* has great shine.

Image Striplac Midnight red

It goes on exactly the same as soak off gels, doesn’t dry until cured and stays tacky between coats.  I bought Midnight Red, a deep purply red, as my first shade and have ordered Berry Red, plus Shimmer Shell which I will try over the opaque colours for a frosty finish.  The pot of 50 cleansing pads was £5.95, the dual coat and colours are £14.94 – £15.95 each.

Obviously the great advantage of this system will be if the polish lasts well and peels off as claimed in the literature and video (below).  No more soaking!

Minus points

* only 24 colours so far, many of which are similar (reds, pinks, purples; no blue, green, brown)

* cleansing pads are NOT lint free so rough skin retained fibres which got onto the gel.

Striplac is produced by a European company called Alessandro International and was introduced to the UK at a show in the spring of 2013.  I found several UK suppliers online through a Google search and my products came within 2 days.  A starter kit, which contains base/top coat, a bottle of Classic Red polish, cleansing pads and an LED light, is available – priced between £70 and £120, depending on where you look.  Because the product cures with UV as well, I chose just to buy the essential bits.

It’s also possible to register with Alessandro and buy colours from them for £7.49 each plus VAT (20%) and postage.  You need to have your own salon name to register……..


Still perfect.  Wow.


Four nails started peeing from the nail tip so I peeled them off – successfully – and have redone in less than half the time it would take for a soak off application.  The nails which were affected are very fragile and this may be the reason they haven’t lasted as long as predicted.  BUT removal is so much easier than soaking off and I think i will be switching permanently to this product.  Another plus point is that the shine lasts much better than any gel I have tried before.


One thumb nail has survived but all others have been renewed after lifting at nail tip.


I like this system and, although the polish hasn’t lasted the advertised 10 days, it is quicker to apply (and reapply) than soak off gel.  It is also kinder because there is no soaking in acetone to remove.  Recently soak off gels I’ve applied have been chipping within 48 hours – probably because of my fragile, peeling nails – so I feel Striplac is the way to go.  It may do as promised on someone with stronger nails.  A tiny bit of nail surface has come away with the polish.  It’s far better than ordinary polish because you get the strength and shine of a gel.  The shine lasts and lasts and it’s economical because of the dual base/top coat.