Striplac – nail condition check

After removing my first Striplac application, my nail condition was much healthier than with soak off products.  One thumb nail lasted over two weeks from first application and was reluctant to come off but the nail was undamaged.  I am buying the Peel-off Activator in case this happens again.  I gave all my nails a treat, buffing them with Nailoid Buff and Shine (with luscious smelling carnation oil) and massaged in copious amounts of cuticle oil.  They had a sheen and felt more much hydrated than after a soak off gel.

I had hoped to go naked for longer but the tips started to tear very quickly so I redid my nails 36 hours later with another colour, Berry Red – a vibrant red with a subtle shimmer.  Did this four days ago and have only had to re-do one nail which was weak underneath and had split at the tip, loosening the polish.  Don’t blame the polish, it’s my flaking nails.

I’ve also experimented on my toes.  Eager to see how long will it last, especially as it’s winter and I’m wearing tights or socks. 

Striplac Berry Red

Striplac Berry Red


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