Matches my front door!

idolic Indigo Continuing to love Striplac and bought a trio of new shades – Midnight Black, Rococo Red and Idolic Indigo.  I wore the red over Christmas but on January 1 welcomed in the new year with Idolic Indigo, a ‘limited edition’ which perfectly matches my front door!  I always thought indigo was a denim blue but this is nothing like a classic jeans colour.  The paint for the door was mixed from a chart so didn’t have a name though I chose it because anything with a hint of turquoise appeals.  I couldn’t resist photographing them together.

This colour did shrink from all round the nail edges while applying, something which didn’t happen with the two reds I’ve used from the range (Berry Red, Rococo Red).  I don’t understand why some shades should do this (Jessica Geleration Street Swagger soak off gel is another offender).

Why I prefer Striplac to soak off uv gels:

* fast cure – each layer takes only 60 seconds even with a uv lamp

* dual base/top coat

* feels tough

* lasting shine

* peels off without damaging nails.