Striplac essentials


The Striplac suite consists of Twin Coat (dual base and topcoat), cleansing pads, activator, correction pen and colours.  Initially I bought twin coat, alcohol-soaked pads and colours, then activator when I had trouble removing gel from some nails.

On reflection and multi use, I recommend prospective users to pare down the kit to three items – twin coat, colours and activator (which works within five minutes as claimed).  Forget the cleansing pads and corrector pen.

* non-acetone polish remover or alcohol (vodka?) on a cotton pad has the same cleaning effect as the Striplac pads; also, having used half the tub, I find the rest of the pads are dry and unusable.

* remove any smears from around the nails before curing and there’s no need for a corrector.


No helpers, please!


Whatever your cat says about being an expert nail technician, ban it from your home nail bar! Or, clean thoroughly before you start – the hairs get everywhere and ruin a manicure. I keep a pair of tweezers with my kit to pick off any stray fluff which gets onto a sticky nail.

A trio of new colours

Continuing to add to my collection of Striplac, the peel off uv gel polish I’ve fallen in love with, with a trio of colours: Bubblegum, Velvet Red and Blue Lagoon. Bubblegum – bright shocking pink – will be reserved for sunnier weather but I’ve already tried the red and blue.


I’ve bought four reds in search of a deep crimson and Velvet Red comes close but still isn’t quite right. However, it is a welcome addition to my gel wardrobe. P1080429

As you can see, it is much lighter than indicated on the label and I’d urge Alessandro to go back to the printers to correct the disparity in colour between the label and the actual gel. I found it needed three coats to get even coverage.

Shades are supposed to be replicated throughout every product in the range so I was disappointed when I opened Blue Lagoon which is much duller than the standard polish featured on the website, and nothing like the label. In reality is is a deep air force blue and it looks quite chic. I like it. P1080431

There are very few shimmer colours in the Striplac range which is now up to 48 shades. You can always do a shimmer or sparkly coat of an ordinary polish once you have cured the gel, though that never has the same resilience or shine.