Striplac essentials


The Striplac suite consists of Twin Coat (dual base and topcoat), cleansing pads, activator, correction pen and colours.  Initially I bought twin coat, alcohol-soaked pads and colours, then activator when I had trouble removing gel from some nails.

On reflection and multi use, I recommend prospective users to pare down the kit to three items – twin coat, colours and activator (which works within five minutes as claimed).  Forget the cleansing pads and corrector pen.

* non-acetone polish remover or alcohol (vodka?) on a cotton pad has the same cleaning effect as the Striplac pads; also, having used half the tub, I find the rest of the pads are dry and unusable.

* remove any smears from around the nails before curing and there’s no need for a corrector.


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