Four fabulous new Striplac colours

Expanding my Striplac collection with four new colours from completely different aspects of the spectrum:

Four new colours * Dark Rubin – the deep plum red I’ve been searching for, with a hint of shimmer

* Nude Parisienne – a dense, smokey rubble

* Hurly Burly – a classic rose pink, closely related to Bubble Gum

* Heaven’s Nude – a transparent shimmer, subtle on its own but which will turn any colour into a shimmer shade.

The biggest problem is deciding which to try first! 

Once again, the coloured labels on the bottles are not 100% representative of the contents so I urge you to look at the ordinary polish shades on the Alessandro website before choosing.


Just to remind you, the Striplac system has a twin base/top coat, each coat cures in just 60 seconds (LED or UV) and PEELS off when you have regrowth or want to change your colour – no soaking in harsh chemicals.