It’s chilly, I’m pushing summer clothes to the back of the rail and a dark nail colour doesn’t hack it – so GIVE ME RED!

Through trial and error, I have a lot of Striplac reds.  I blame manufacturer Alessandro because the shade labels on the bottles are very inaccurate, mostly bearing no resemblance to the colour inside.  With the bottles being black (so the polish is kept away from the sun’s UV rays which could harden it), you can’t see the true hue until you buy and unwrap.  There’s no stockist,  store or salon near me where I can look and make a proper judgement.  As I’ve said before, I now look at the regular polish colours on the Alessandro website before selecting but I WISH they would go back to the Pantone shade cards and get it right!

Velvet red

Velvet red – the label and the actuality!

So, for the next ten days or however long it lasts, I’m wearing Velvet Red which is a cranberry shade, not the Merlot on the label.  I still haven’t found a proper winey red in the 48-colour range.  Please, Alessandro, make a colour halfway between Velvet Red and the gorgeous but much darker Midnight Red and it’s slightly shimmer partner Dark Rubin.



Mascara wrapping woes!

I wish someone had thought to do a You Tube vidoe on how to get into Maybelline Colossal Volume waterproof mascara. I can’t see how it can be opened without tweezers, scissors and teeth!  Dynamite?

It’s a great product recommended to me by a lovely girl in Superdrug after I gave up on finding Lancome Definicils waterproof in the UK.  It strokes on every lash, gives great volume with two light coats and doesn’t clog – once you manage to remove the tough plastic wrapping. I know cosmetics have to be sealed for hygiene reasons but this is someone’s idea of torture.  I bought a new tube today and struggled to remove the tough plastic.  First I prodded underneath with tweezers, expecting it to peel off easily.

IMG_1257No chance!

I was in danger of doing myself an injury with the strength needed to penetrate the wrapping and then only a tiny bit was freed.  I tugged, went at it again with the metal then set to with my teeth!  That got it down so that I was able to unscrew the brush and I trimmed the remains off with scissors.  The bottom section is still wrapped.  Anyone have any Semtex?