Mascara wrapping woes!

I wish someone had thought to do a You Tube vidoe on how to get into Maybelline Colossal Volume waterproof mascara. I can’t see how it can be opened without tweezers, scissors and teeth!  Dynamite?

It’s a great product recommended to me by a lovely girl in Superdrug after I gave up on finding Lancome Definicils waterproof in the UK.  It strokes on every lash, gives great volume with two light coats and doesn’t clog – once you manage to remove the tough plastic wrapping. I know cosmetics have to be sealed for hygiene reasons but this is someone’s idea of torture.  I bought a new tube today and struggled to remove the tough plastic.  First I prodded underneath with tweezers, expecting it to peel off easily.

IMG_1257No chance!

I was in danger of doing myself an injury with the strength needed to penetrate the wrapping and then only a tiny bit was freed.  I tugged, went at it again with the metal then set to with my teeth!  That got it down so that I was able to unscrew the brush and I trimmed the remains off with scissors.  The bottom section is still wrapped.  Anyone have any Semtex?


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