This is how you do it, say ‘essence’

My last post described my problems with the removal of essence base/top coat gel.  I messaged the company and received this reply.  I was clearly too impatient with my application!

Top marks to essence for taking the time to respond so quickly and to address the full range of issues. 

IMG_2048How to remove the peel off base and top coat:

Usually the gel nails are easy to remove by using the fingers or a rosewood stick. Using a rosewood stick may be easier than just using your fingers. if this does not help, soak your nails in nail oil or olive oil, lift a small corner of the gel nails with a rosewood stick and then let some of the oil seep under the gel. This way, the gel nails will come off really easily.

How well the base can be removed also depends on the surface of the nail and how thickly the base is applied. The smoother the surface of the nail, the easier the base can be removed. Also, make sure that the first layer of the 2in1 gel is applied thickly.

The colour nail polish used inbetween the peel off base and top coat layers has to be completely dry. The LED Lamp will not harden regular nail polish. If the nail polish is not 100% dry, the top coat cannot harden either, which would explain why the result was not as shiny as you expected. It is important that you apply all products with the same thickness to prevent any irregularities. If you sometimes end up with a bump or raised area, it’s probably because either too much or too little of the base or top coat was applied.


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