Diorshow Waterproof Mascara

IMG_2558 IMG_2556

I’m always on the lookout for effective waterproof mascara (WPM) which does what it says on the tube without smudging onto make-up, flaking or clogging my lashes.  Good ones are few and far between.  My all-time favourite is Lancome Definicils Waterproof (sadly not available in the UK) and the runner up a cheapy from Maybelline in a lurid yellow tube (Colossal Volum’ Express WPM).

Now I’ve added a third to the list – Diorshow Waterproof.    It’s an 11.5ml offering in a big tube with the most enormous mascara brush I have ever seen!  It goes on finely, so you may need extra coats, but even first time out the brush wasn’t overloaded with product.

I found it easy to apply, it curled my lashes and stayed put all evening.  For reasons of research (honest), I removed the rest of my make-up but left it on overnight.  Next morning there was a bit of smudge under each eye but no hard bits or flaking on my pillow.  It came off easily with my ‘patent’ WPM remover – Johnson’s baby oil on a cotton wool pad.  I know make-up gurus frown upon this but I have had painful experiences with dedicated removers,  which have stung my eyes and skin.  So it’s baby oil always.

Only drawback of Diorshow is that it comes at a premium price – up to £25 in the UK.  I tried it because it was on offer at £17 from Secret Sales (subscriber company which offers designer gear at greatly reduced prices).

  • The nails are Alessandro Striplac ‘Blue Lagoon’

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