Sparkling burgundy

Took a risk this week and sandwiched a soak off gel in between two layers of  Striplac Twincoat to get a dynamic sparkling burgundy.

I chose Red Carpet ‘Draped in Rubies’, a glorious red wine hue with a fine sparkle.  It peels off just as good as a full Striplac manicure so I will buy more shades as I can see the true colours in my local ‘Sally’s’.  No more gauging colours from the web and being disappointed at the reality.  RC is around £12.98 for a 9ml bottle.

Update, Jan 2, 2016  I’ve kept this colour going right through Christmas and New Year because it looks so festive and cheerful.  Dark, wet winter days in the UK demand a touch of colour, on nails at least.

No problems whatsoever peeling if off, having used Alessandro twin coat for base and seal.  Must investigate the rest of the Red Carpet hues.