Internet scam warning

A few days ago I almost fell for an internet scam and feel I have to warn other potential shoppers about two websites (there may be many more according to my bank) selling top label clothing. and  purport to be British based but turn out to be in China.

You only find out they are not UK based when you get the email invoice for the order.  Plus, the invoice says the amount you will be charged ‘may be’ different from than the total for the goods – more, in other words.  Apparently these companies guess a GBP price for the website then when orders come through convert the YEN price into sterling at the daily rate.

A few of the brands I saw: Barbour, Pure Collection, John Lewis, Ted Baker, L K Bennett, Carvela, Oasis, Seasalt, Mango, All Saints

My bank alerted me to this by querying a payment I’d attempted to make.  In conversation I was told that:

  • the goods may never arrive
  • they may be counterfeit
  • they may be stopped at Customs and import duty levied.

The bank said they really push the boat out at Christmas.

I found no warnings for either company on the internet other than this:   I was unable to leave a warning on this site. has no listing.

I buy lots of items online and consider myself a savvy shopper.  Not this time so many, many thanks to my bank for their early warning system.



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