Diorshow Waterproof Mascara

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I’m always on the lookout for effective waterproof mascara (WPM) which does what it says on the tube without smudging onto make-up, flaking or clogging my lashes.  Good ones are few and far between.  My all-time favourite is Lancome Definicils Waterproof (sadly not available in the UK) and the runner up a cheapy from Maybelline in a lurid yellow tube (Colossal Volum’ Express WPM).

Now I’ve added a third to the list – Diorshow Waterproof.    It’s an 11.5ml offering in a big tube with the most enormous mascara brush I have ever seen!  It goes on finely, so you may need extra coats, but even first time out the brush wasn’t overloaded with product.

I found it easy to apply, it curled my lashes and stayed put all evening.  For reasons of research (honest), I removed the rest of my make-up but left it on overnight.  Next morning there was a bit of smudge under each eye but no hard bits or flaking on my pillow.  It came off easily with my ‘patent’ WPM remover – Johnson’s baby oil on a cotton wool pad.  I know make-up gurus frown upon this but I have had painful experiences with dedicated removers,  which have stung my eyes and skin.  So it’s baby oil always.

Only drawback of Diorshow is that it comes at a premium price – up to £25 in the UK.  I tried it because it was on offer at £17 from Secret Sales (subscriber company which offers designer gear at greatly reduced prices).

  • The nails are Alessandro Striplac ‘Blue Lagoon’
Root touch-ups

Root touch-ups

Whether you go to a salon or colour your hair at home (guess which I do??), there are the awful inbetween times when your roots show through.   Here are my thoughts on touch-up products.

Roux ‘Tween Time   

IMG_1476I liked this US product, which I found at a reasonable price on Amazon (around £7).  It is a chunky, waxy coloured stick, presented much like a lipstick, which you stroke from root outward.  The instructions say to wet the tip and start from the scalp.  Reading the reviews on Amazon, I found a better method is to apply on wet hair, immediately post shampoo.  The prescribed method leaves the hair sticky but applying on wet hair doesn’t.  Available in lots of shades.

Verdict     A stayer

Charles Worthington Instant Root Concealer

IMG_1479This is an aerosol with five shades to choose from.  I found it less precise to apply than ‘Tween Time because you are supposed to hold the can 20cm (8 inches) from your head.  It dried to a dull, waxy finish which I didn’t like at all.  The roots felt flat and it was very difficult to get a brush through my hair afterwards – like a yukky cobweb! Exclusive to Boots, £9.99.

Verdict     Horrible



JOSH WOOD Blending wand

IMG_0403 Now this really is the business.  Recommended by beauty pundit Sali Hughes, the JOSH WOOD Blending wand, £12.95, is exclusive to Marks and Spencer and is the best of these products that I’ve tried.  I had store staff help in choosing a shade for my mid brown/chestnut crop and was even allowed to try the colour – light brown – on my emerging roots.  The colour may look scary at first as it is much darker wet than when dry.  I found this the easiest of the three to apply as it blended well onto my roots.  You press a button to release the colour onto the integral brush then smooth onto the hair.  It can be applied on wet or dry hair and dries in seconds with a hair dryer.  There is no waxy, matted or greasy feel afterwards so this is the hands down winner from the three I’ve tried.  Five shades.

IMG_0404Verdict      My favourite – worth every penny

Mascara wrapping woes!

I wish someone had thought to do a You Tube vidoe on how to get into Maybelline Colossal Volume waterproof mascara. I can’t see how it can be opened without tweezers, scissors and teeth!  Dynamite?

It’s a great product recommended to me by a lovely girl in Superdrug after I gave up on finding Lancome Definicils waterproof in the UK.  It strokes on every lash, gives great volume with two light coats and doesn’t clog – once you manage to remove the tough plastic wrapping. I know cosmetics have to be sealed for hygiene reasons but this is someone’s idea of torture.  I bought a new tube today and struggled to remove the tough plastic.  First I prodded underneath with tweezers, expecting it to peel off easily.

IMG_1257No chance!

I was in danger of doing myself an injury with the strength needed to penetrate the wrapping and then only a tiny bit was freed.  I tugged, went at it again with the metal then set to with my teeth!  That got it down so that I was able to unscrew the brush and I trimmed the remains off with scissors.  The bottom section is still wrapped.  Anyone have any Semtex?