UV gel necessities


  • A UV lamp – search on ebay and expect to pay around £20 for a 36 watt (4-bulb) lamp as used by salons: DO NOT pay much more
  • Two or three colours plus base and top coat UV soak-off or strip off polishes
  • A big bottle of pure acetone if using soak off products
  • A bottle of non-acetone nail polish remover as a substitute for prep and cleanse products
  • Good quality cotton pads
  • Wooden orange sticks
  • Coarse and fine nail files
  • Nail buffer


  • A clean, hard surface on which to do your manicure with an electric socket nearby
  • Good lighting – a cheap desk spotlight is ideal
  • Tissues
  • An old towel
Selection of gels

Selection of gels


I get almost all my supplies online, direct from Alessandro International or Nail Polish Direct or from ebay retailers.