Fuschia experiment

The sun is finally emerging in the UK so flower shades are in order. I still can’t think of hot pinks but this fuschia is helping me bridge the seasons.fullsizeoutput_66c6

This is a real cheapie peel off – MRO, shade 25 – which I found on ebay.  It’s supposedly a 3-in-1 product, no need for base or top coat;£3.55 apiece, including postage.

BUT I didn’t feel it worked well on its own.  For a start there were no instructions and those sent by the seller, after I’d asked, referred to soak off rather than peel off.

I gathered that 60 seconds was the curing time and realised that there was no sticky residue to wipe off after application.

The two coats I applied left my weak nails feeling fragile; the shine was gone after 24 hours and the tips began to chip. Because the gel was so thin – just two coats instead of four – it wouldn’t peel off an entire nail and I was forced to chip, peel, chip till it was gone.  However, there was no staining on the nails.

The photo shows my second application where I used a dual base and top coat from Bluesky in conjunction with MRO.  The nails feel much stronger but some tips have chipped already.

UPDATE 5/6/2017

This sandwich application was also difficult to remove.  I then tried base coat, layer of Bluesky, layer of MRO, top coat.  Watch this space…


Version 2





Rock on, dahlin’

IMG_3008ROCK STAR, the Striplac shade (5ml) which was on back order, arrived and I couldn’t wait to get it on my fingertips.  Black with a shimmer sparkle of deep teal, it’s a gorgeous rock chic colour (and perfect for coming Halloween).

Unlike the regular shades, this says shake well before application to disperse the shimmer particles.  It covered beautifully in two coats but I had to take care not to apply too thickly.  I did get some puckering under UV on the first coat but it disappeared with the second.

As I mentioned with my first try of a 5ml bottle, I like the shorter brush in this size as it feels more precise.

Couldn’t resist this from eternal rockers Status Quo!

Striplac – nail condition check

After removing my first Striplac application, my nail condition was much healthier than with soak off products.  One thumb nail lasted over two weeks from first application and was reluctant to come off but the nail was undamaged.  I am buying the Peel-off Activator in case this happens again.  I gave all my nails a treat, buffing them with Nailoid Buff and Shine (with luscious smelling carnation oil) and massaged in copious amounts of cuticle oil.  They had a sheen and felt more much hydrated than after a soak off gel.

I had hoped to go naked for longer but the tips started to tear very quickly so I redid my nails 36 hours later with another colour, Berry Red – a vibrant red with a subtle shimmer.  Did this four days ago and have only had to re-do one nail which was weak underneath and had split at the tip, loosening the polish.  Don’t blame the polish, it’s my flaking nails.

I’ve also experimented on my toes.  Eager to see how long will it last, especially as it’s winter and I’m wearing tights or socks. 

Striplac Berry Red

Striplac Berry Red