In the navy…

At last a true navy blue…


I’ve been searching around for more strip-off gel colours – no luck – but found a review where someone used Vishine gels successfully in between peel off base and top coats.  These gels are available in great deals from   I paid £15.99 for ten… yes, TEN, 8ml bottles (other options available from different sellers) which arrived in seven days.  The hardest aspect was choosing ten from the dozens of shades, then deciding which to apply first!

I plumped for No 271, a true navy with a subtle pearlised finish, a shade I’ve been unable to find until now.  The gel was easy to apply, did not shrink from the edges and gave complete opacity with two coats.  It takes 30 seconds to cure with an LED lamp and there was no colour transference when I wiped off the sticky final residue.  My nails feel strong.  I’ll update on removal.

* Update.  No issues with removal and the application lasted me through a week away with some minor touch ups.

And, of course, a song...


Street party chic

Our Queen is 90 this year and there are nationwide celebrations this weekend.  Our avenue is having a street party and I’m getting into the spirit of things with a new manicure.

In the absence of a white gel in my repertoire, I’ve done a duo of blue and red.

I’ll be wearing a white dress, blue shoes, a red cardi if it’s cool and, of course, a tiara!


Secret Red from Alessandro Striplac

Something Blue by Sensationail *

* Although this is a soak off product, not a peel off, I find a base and topping of Striplac Twin Coat enables it to be peeled off easily; same for other soak off gels.  It’s so much kinder on your nails than soaking in acetone.

Blue, blue, blue

IMG_1461A parcel arrived a couple of days ago with a triplet of new Striplac colours – two bright blues and a confetti topcoat.  The colours are much more true on the labels than I’ve come to expect from this range of peel off gels by Alessandro International, a German manufacturer (see previous posts).  In case you think I’m mad buying three shades at once, the standard postage is £5 whether you buy one or six products!

Deep Ocean Blue is a clear cobalt, very striking

Hula Aruba, a bright turquoise, like the sea off Greece

Portand Dream, bright coloured dots in a clear gel which is shown as topcoat on the website.  I’m not sure whether this is a a sealer the same as the twincoat, or something which has to have that on top as well but I’ve emailed Alessandro and am awaiting a reply. * Update:  I never heard back from Alessandro (such good customer relations!) but tried it out and confirm it is a topcoat.

The last two are special edition colours, only available for a short time so if you like, better hurry over to the Alessandro website.

Deep Ocean Blue reviewed

Shrinks all round when applying which is a nuisance.  I couldn’t finish five nails before the first had crept back on all edges.  The only way is to do two or three, slip them under the light to semi-harden, then do the others and cure for a full minute.  The second coat went on better but a third may have been necessary for full opacity.  I decided the colour, although with the usual Striplac shine, was too flat for me and added a final topcoat of standard glitter polish in turquoise.  I think it will be a lovely colour in the darker winter months.

Shrinks from the edgesFirst colour coat shrinks from the edges






Without glitter

Finish without glitter






                                                  With glitter

With a glitter coat

A trio of new colours

Continuing to add to my collection of Striplac, the peel off uv gel polish I’ve fallen in love with, with a trio of colours: Bubblegum, Velvet Red and Blue Lagoon. Bubblegum – bright shocking pink – will be reserved for sunnier weather but I’ve already tried the red and blue.


I’ve bought four reds in search of a deep crimson and Velvet Red comes close but still isn’t quite right. However, it is a welcome addition to my gel wardrobe. P1080429

As you can see, it is much lighter than indicated on the label and I’d urge Alessandro to go back to the printers to correct the disparity in colour between the label and the actual gel. I found it needed three coats to get even coverage.

Shades are supposed to be replicated throughout every product in the range so I was disappointed when I opened Blue Lagoon which is much duller than the standard polish featured on the website, and nothing like the label. In reality is is a deep air force blue and it looks quite chic. I like it. P1080431

There are very few shimmer colours in the Striplac range which is now up to 48 shades. You can always do a shimmer or sparkly coat of an ordinary polish once you have cured the gel, though that never has the same resilience or shine.

All wrapped up

All wrapped up

All wrapped up

Found these cute shaped wraps in Superdrug and, just for fun, tried them for a night out at the weekend.  Although the instructions said to apply onto bare nails, I put them over the Fedora gel I already had on.  I thought they’d shrug off themselves the next day but they’re going strong still after three days.  The pink animal print is something I’ve had on my toenails previously, and loved.  On fingernails they’re super bright!  I like the look of the sparkly blue dots but they’re raised and snag on everything.  There’s a lot in the pack so I’ll definitely have another go.