Fuschia experiment

The sun is finally emerging in the UK so flower shades are in order. I still can’t think of hot pinks but this fuschia is helping me bridge the seasons.fullsizeoutput_66c6

This is a real cheapie peel off – MRO, shade 25 – which I found on ebay.  It’s supposedly a 3-in-1 product, no need for base or top coat;£3.55 apiece, including postage.

BUT I didn’t feel it worked well on its own.  For a start there were no instructions and those sent by the seller, after I’d asked, referred to soak off rather than peel off.

I gathered that 60 seconds was the curing time and realised that there was no sticky residue to wipe off after application.

The two coats I applied left my weak nails feeling fragile; the shine was gone after 24 hours and the tips began to chip. Because the gel was so thin – just two coats instead of four – it wouldn’t peel off an entire nail and I was forced to chip, peel, chip till it was gone.  However, there was no staining on the nails.

The photo shows my second application where I used a dual base and top coat from Bluesky in conjunction with MRO.  The nails feel much stronger but some tips have chipped already.

UPDATE 5/6/2017

This sandwich application was also difficult to remove.  I then tried base coat, layer of Bluesky, layer of MRO, top coat.  Watch this space…


I opened this colour again after a few weeks and found that the gel had developed a thick film round the top of the bottle – clearly setting even in a closed container.  It went in the bin.  Don’t waste money on this brand.


Version 2






New peel off gel online

Spotted on ebay.co.uk is a budget priced peel off UV gel from Bluesky, the copycat brand.  Not bought any yet because I have too many colours already but would be interested to hear from anyone who has tried them.  Before I transferred my allegiance to peel off gels two years ago, I purchased a lot of Bluesky soak off products and thought them just as good as, sometimes better than, the premium brands.

There are 24 colours, plus a dual base/top coat, from the seller I found, priced from just £5.50 with free P&P.



20130612_124716This sickly turquoise – HOTSKI TO TCHOTCHSKE (by CCO but also available from Shellac and Bluesky) – has to be the worst colour I have ever tried on my nails!

I loved it on the shade card and the bottle but the actuality looks tacky and cheap, like something from a child’s paintbox.   It appears to be a vibrant mint green but the finished shade is poised somewhere between a nasty ice lolly and hospital walls.  I would wear shoes this colour, and undies, but it’s awful on fingertips!

The first coat was transparent so I hoped the colour depth would appear with the second – nope.  I tried a third on one nail, to no avail.  With one hand virtually done, what could I do but progress to the other.

The trouble with gel is that you can’t really change your mind halfway through other than by taking the whole lot off with an acetone soak or changing to a different colour and hoping: 1) it will cover and 2) you won’t have nails as thick as talons.

I’ll bet that, because I think it’s horrible, it will be really hard wearing!  What I’ll probably do is hide it with a layer of  ordinary polish on top.

In the absence of blue skies…

In the absence of blue skies I have opted for blue nails: Mystic Twilight to be exact, a Bluesky (£5.99) shade for spring 2013.  I fell in love with the blackness of Fedora and was reluctant to change – but it did look severe with the lighter clothes I’m trying to wear as our UK spring attempts to get into gear.  Mystic Twilight is a gorgeous light navy – cerulean – with a shimmer.  This will be hard to give up too!  Find all the Bluesky colours on ebay.

Mystic Twilight

The gel is thick and a single coat gives great opacity without any rippling during cure.  A second, plus top coat, gives rock hard nails.  It’s easy to apply – doesn’t run or shrink back from nail tips or edges.  This was a very quick gel application compared to some colours I’ve used.  I don’t match nail colour to outfits – you can’t really with a manicure which lasts a couple of weeks – but this complements jeans and looks good against pastels or dark clothes.  It positively zings in sunlight.

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