In the navy…

At last a true navy blue…


I’ve been searching around for more strip-off gel colours – no luck – but found a review where someone used Vishine gels successfully in between peel off base and top coats.  These gels are available in great deals from   I paid £15.99 for ten… yes, TEN, 8ml bottles (other options available from different sellers) which arrived in seven days.  The hardest aspect was choosing ten from the dozens of shades, then deciding which to apply first!

I plumped for No 271, a true navy with a subtle pearlised finish, a shade I’ve been unable to find until now.  The gel was easy to apply, did not shrink from the edges and gave complete opacity with two coats.  It takes 30 seconds to cure with an LED lamp and there was no colour transference when I wiped off the sticky final residue.  My nails feel strong.  I’ll update on removal.

* Update.  No issues with removal and the application lasted me through a week away with some minor touch ups.

And, of course, a song...


Travelling mini LED lamp

Mini mouse LED lamp

Mini mouse LED lamp

What do you do about home-done gel nails when you go on holiday?  If you get 2-3 weeks from a product, great, but if you are like me and have fast regrowth, or need to do repairs, you touch up with a complementary lacquer or head to a salon.  Salon prices after DIY can be awesome – I paid over $CAN 80 in Calgary this summer, double the norm in the UK.

So I’ve bought a mini LED lamp for travelling.  It came from the States, via ebay, but was under £20 including postage.  It’s shaped like a computer mouse, is very light, and comes with a two charger cables.  One has the US flat 2-pin plug and the second is a USB charger which you can link into a port on a computer.  BUT – I found that a standard mobile phone charger also fits the socket on the little lamp so UK users can plug it into an electric socket no problem!  This also reduces the
number of chargers you have to pack.

An indispensible little gadget.  There are loads available on ebay – search for mini LED lamp.