Rock on, dahlin’

IMG_3008ROCK STAR, the Striplac shade (5ml) which was on back order, arrived and I couldn’t wait to get it on my fingertips.  Black with a shimmer sparkle of deep teal, it’s a gorgeous rock chic colour (and perfect for coming Halloween).

Unlike the regular shades, this says shake well before application to disperse the shimmer particles.  It covered beautifully in two coats but I had to take care not to apply too thickly.  I did get some puckering under UV on the first coat but it disappeared with the second.

As I mentioned with my first try of a 5ml bottle, I like the shorter brush in this size as it feels more precise.

Couldn’t resist this from eternal rockers Status Quo!


Blue, blue, blue

IMG_1461A parcel arrived a couple of days ago with a triplet of new Striplac colours – two bright blues and a confetti topcoat.  The colours are much more true on the labels than I’ve come to expect from this range of peel off gels by Alessandro International, a German manufacturer (see previous posts).  In case you think I’m mad buying three shades at once, the standard postage is £5 whether you buy one or six products!

Deep Ocean Blue is a clear cobalt, very striking

Hula Aruba, a bright turquoise, like the sea off Greece

Portand Dream, bright coloured dots in a clear gel which is shown as topcoat on the website.  I’m not sure whether this is a a sealer the same as the twincoat, or something which has to have that on top as well but I’ve emailed Alessandro and am awaiting a reply. * Update:  I never heard back from Alessandro (such good customer relations!) but tried it out and confirm it is a topcoat.

The last two are special edition colours, only available for a short time so if you like, better hurry over to the Alessandro website.

Deep Ocean Blue reviewed

Shrinks all round when applying which is a nuisance.  I couldn’t finish five nails before the first had crept back on all edges.  The only way is to do two or three, slip them under the light to semi-harden, then do the others and cure for a full minute.  The second coat went on better but a third may have been necessary for full opacity.  I decided the colour, although with the usual Striplac shine, was too flat for me and added a final topcoat of standard glitter polish in turquoise.  I think it will be a lovely colour in the darker winter months.

Shrinks from the edgesFirst colour coat shrinks from the edges






Without glitter

Finish without glitter






                                                  With glitter

With a glitter coat

Four fabulous new Striplac colours

Expanding my Striplac collection with four new colours from completely different aspects of the spectrum:

Four new colours * Dark Rubin – the deep plum red I’ve been searching for, with a hint of shimmer

* Nude Parisienne – a dense, smokey rubble

* Hurly Burly – a classic rose pink, closely related to Bubble Gum

* Heaven’s Nude – a transparent shimmer, subtle on its own but which will turn any colour into a shimmer shade.

The biggest problem is deciding which to try first! 

Once again, the coloured labels on the bottles are not 100% representative of the contents so I urge you to look at the ordinary polish shades on the Alessandro website before choosing.


Just to remind you, the Striplac system has a twin base/top coat, each coat cures in just 60 seconds (LED or UV) and PEELS off when you have regrowth or want to change your colour – no soaking in harsh chemicals.

In the absence of blue skies…

In the absence of blue skies I have opted for blue nails: Mystic Twilight to be exact, a Bluesky (£5.99) shade for spring 2013.  I fell in love with the blackness of Fedora and was reluctant to change – but it did look severe with the lighter clothes I’m trying to wear as our UK spring attempts to get into gear.  Mystic Twilight is a gorgeous light navy – cerulean – with a shimmer.  This will be hard to give up too!  Find all the Bluesky colours on ebay.

Mystic Twilight

The gel is thick and a single coat gives great opacity without any rippling during cure.  A second, plus top coat, gives rock hard nails.  It’s easy to apply – doesn’t run or shrink back from nail tips or edges.  This was a very quick gel application compared to some colours I’ve used.  I don’t match nail colour to outfits – you can’t really with a manicure which lasts a couple of weeks – but this complements jeans and looks good against pastels or dark clothes.  It positively zings in sunlight.

That’s my gorgeous dog, Truffle, in the background.  Read his thoughts on life, the universe and everything on his blog

Now enjoy a lady who knows how to sing the blues: