Your DIY gel manicure


  • Top a towel with a tissue while you do this
  • Remove any old polish
  • Push back and trim cuticles
  • Clip or file nail tips to preferred shape
  • Use a fine file to buff the nail near the cuticle
  • Buff nails
  • Wash hands using a nail brush, making sure all dust and debris is gone
  • Discard tissue and remove towel

APPLICATION – one hand at a time!

  • Wipe each nail of the first hand with a branded ‘prep’ or non-acetone nail polish remover
  • Apply a thin coat of base gel, wrapping under the nail tip if possible – a thick one may run or bubble under the lamp
  • Cure for advised time under UV lamp – usually or or two minutes

* HINT   The gel stays sticky between cures, until you have done the top coat and cleanse – don’t think the cure hasn’t worked.

Base coat

Base coat

Curing time

Curing time

Still sticky

Still sticky

  • Apply a thin colour coat, taking care not to touch cuticle or skin at the sides of your nails
  • Cure for specified time (usually one minute for lighter colours, two for dark)
  • Repeat colour coat and cure – some dark colours may need a third coat
  • Apply top coat and cure for allotted time
  • Wipe each nail with a cotton pad soaked in non-acetone nail polish remover
First coat

First coat (Street Swagger – Jessica Geleration)

Adding second coat

Second coat




Wash hands and apply hand cream


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